Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lovely Lupins!

We came back to Golden, B.C. for the night. Decided to do some laundry and wash the car. I wandered down to a cute little park and found out that there was a concert tonight. They do one every Sat. night during the summer, all different kinds of music. Luckily it was Golden Oldies (like us!) so we went down after dinner. How fun! Lots of adults and little kids dancing and hula hooping and coloring with chalk, somebody in a bear costume dancing. They asked where people were from-us from Indiana- England and France and Germany and New Zeeland and South America- Real international ! Lots of travelers up here. Camper rentals are popular (like we did years ago) and there are busloads of Orientals & Germans. Anyhow it was a nice bonus and way more fun than being in the motel room! The setting was great too with big snow covered peaks behind us.
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