Monday, February 16, 2009

Hi Corbin! We Love You

We went to the Diamond Mine today. We spent about three hours digging, screening,waitting for the pile of little stones to dry,and looking for the shiny bits of rock that might by diamonds. It was cold,wet and muddy and some how fun. No diamonds,but we did get some souvenier rocks. Jim

Diamond hunting, it always looks easier on t.v.! Not millionairs today but I got a few quartz crystals and some jasper. And muddy pants and shoes and cold cold hands. I had gloves, but sluicing the screens was hard and the water slopped up into them. Oh well- it wasn't too expensive- $8.50 or so to rent the stuff and it was worth it to say we tried. You dig in a huge field that's been plowed- it's full of clay & dirt & rocks. Once again, we didn't have a clue what to look for. Ah- the adventure!

oh- Hope was not Bill & Hilliary's town- it was Bill's home town.

Haven't decided what's up for tomorrow yet...kinda heading north.
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