Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Mountain Driving

Today was my first experience with front wheel drive and tire chains. I rented tire chains and was shown how to put one on. The most important thing to consider is tire clearance, wheel well and strut to tire clearance. The second thing, in my opinion, is chain tightness. The tighter the better. It took me about three stop and goes to find this out. I wasn't given enough little pieces of wire to keep the adjusted links from striking the strut every time the wheel made a rotation. After cutting a coat hanger and adjusting chains as tight as I could, the tire chains still would nick the strut on every rotation. It was a loud twenty plus miles of beautiful mountian road. I think I will try tire cables next time. Less of a clearance issue.
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  1. OK Mom - if you end up with walking pneumonia & pleurisy AGAIN - you are *so* grounded! :^)